-            Fifty-eight (58) custom-built production machines committed to machining of high quantity parts

-                  Ten (10) CNC vertical machining centers (Mazak & Enshu) equipped with pallet changers & Haas programmable indexing tables

-                  Four (4) CNC horizontal 4-axis machining centers (Toyoda) with pallet changers

-                  Twelve (12) CNC Lathes (Bridgeport, Mazak, Omniturn)

-                  One (1) Hause dual 8-station dial index machine, w/CNC heads

-                  Four (1) #2 Brown & Sharpe screw machines (used as collet chuckers)

-                  One (1) Acme-Gridley l 5/8 RA-6 six-spindle automatic screw machine with custom stock feeding system

-                  One (1) Acme-Gridley 5-1/4 RAC-6 six-spindle automatic chucker 

-                  One (1) Hardinge Automatic Chucker 1 single-spindle machine

-                  Five (5) Cincinnati centerless grinders

-                  Six (2) Rousselle punch presses with air clutches l5-22 tons capacity, used for assembly and tube bending operations.  These presses can be interconnected with other machinery.

-                  Eight (8) CNC vertical knee mills Bridgeport, Robotool, Dynapath.

-                  Eleven (11) automated & manual vertical knee mills, Bridgeport, Jet

-                  Three (3) lathes- Sheldon, Imperial

-                  Two (2) Kent-Owens Horizontal Mills

-                  Four (4) Burgmaster 6 spindle turret drills

-                  One (1) Ex-Cell-O 4 spindle opposed horizontal boring machine

-                  Eight (8) saw machines for high production, cam driven Rhobi, Kysor, Kalamazoo, DoAll, MPC design

-                  Three (3) #2 Torrington swaging machines with auto feed

-                  One (1) Torrington/Vail Tube End Forming machine

-                  One (1) Schmidt stamping press

-                  Three (3) C-frame hydraulic presses- Multi-Press, Greenerd

-                  Four (4) automatic 2 ton hydraulic presses, Multi-Press

-                  Four (4) shop air supply compressors (1x 30hp, 1x 75hp, 2x100hp) - Ingersoll-Rand, Gardner-Denver

-                  Two (2) compressed air drying systems

-                  Six (6) sanders

-                  One (1) Hammond 4 horizontal wet belt grinder

-                  One (1) Synchro-Tapper two spindle (inclined) tapping machine

-                  One (1) auto bolt assembly machine

-                  One (1) special washing machine, handles trays up to 80 high

-                  One (1) shot blasting machine

-                  Four (4) Pines CNC tube benders

-                  Three (3) Diacro automatic rotary tube benders

-                  Six (6) Diacro manual tube benders

-                  Four (4) vertical broach machines

-                  One (1) ten ton dual face broaching machine

-                  One (1) coolant reconditioning system



               Secondary Machining Operations:

                              Drilling:                              Conventional Gun Deep Hole Oil Hole Center Drill

                              Reaming:              Straight Hole Taper Form

                              Milling:                End Side Concave Convex Ball End Slab Form

Also:               Counter Bores, Counter Sinks, Chamfers, Facing, Cutoff Sawing, Broaching,          Burnishing, Trepanning, Hollow Mill, Keyways, Deburring, etc.



               Power Press Operations:

                              Stamping Forming Swaging Bending Tube Forming, etc.         Other:

Assembly High Pressure Flush (to l0,000 PSI) - Brushing Torque Testing Physical Inspecting Pressure Tests


               Our Machines are Built in These Modes:

                              Single Spindle Automated, cam operated, with or without Index Table, fully fixtured.

Multiple Spindle Fixed Chucking of piece part, up to ten spindles all spindles cam operated     from one camshaft with interfering stops as required.

Multiple Spindle with Index Table up to twenty spindles, all spindles cam operated from one camshaft.

Multiple Spindle - operating on both sides of Index Table (Trunnion Machine Design).  All spindles cam operated from two synchronized camshafts.  Interfering stops used if indicated.




               We can economically drill up to a 2- l/2 dia. Hole.  Our vises  (MPC design and manufacture) grip with as much as l0,000 lbs. of force.  Power Press operations are equal to that of a l0 ton Punch Press, 50 ton hobbing force.  We can handle parts weighing up to 20 pounds.  Modifications can be made to handle parts weighing more than 20 pounds.



               Upon receipt of an order, Machined Products Co.s staff will engineer and build a machine in our shop specifically customized for your part.  We utilize programmable logic controllers for machine controls. We can design and build our own machines for less cost and in less time than conventional machines.  Repairs can be done on premises so we have better control and less expense, which reflects in the overall cost of parts manufactured.  The machines remain on site.  At the conclusion of a job the machine can be rebuilt for a new job.  The machines are dedicated to the part and remain so for the life of the job.  Production quantities in excess of 300,000 per year result in the most economical price.  Part life of three years or more further reduces cost and justifies dedicating a machine to a part.




-                  Complete computerized SPC systems with latest data evaluating capabilities and laser jet printing.

-                  One (1) Sheffield Cordax 3000 coordinate measuring machine with latest computer control systems.

-                  Four (4) computer assisted digital Deltronic comparators with surface illumination and SPC capability.

-                  One (1) Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester with regular and superficial all scales capability.

-                  One (1) Tinnus Olson Brinell Hardness Tester

-                  Two (2) Bendix surface finish profilometers

-                  Six (6) Digital Electronic Columns- Sheffield, Blanchette

-                  One (1) 250 magnification ROI video camera equipment

-                  One (1) Millipore cleanliness test equipment to monitor particle sizes

-                  Twelve (12) miscellaneous air gage assemblies

-                  Equipment & capabilities to polish and prepare samples to check microstructure, graphite size, type, and heat-treat case depth

-                  Air pressure check machine to detect leaks and cracks in parts

-                  Complete line of height gages, bore gages, calipers, micrometers with SPC output capabilities along with conventional inspection equipment and gages (separate for production and inspection).

-                  Many specially designed and built inspection instruments to check parts that cannot be checked on conventional inspection instruments.

-                  One (1) drill press

-                  Eight (8) Spray test stands





-            One (1) CNC OD - ID Grinder

-                  Six (6) mills, vertical variable speed Bridgeport, Jet

-                  Two (2) lathes-  Sheldon, Colchester

-                  Five (5) surface grinders Kent, Boyar Schultz

-                  One (1) Sunnen honing machine

-                  One (1) Cincinnati Milacron tool & cutter grinder

-                  Two (2) hydraulic arbor presses up to 30 ton capacity

-                  One (1) hand arbor press

-                  One (1) Craftsman table saw

-                  Two (2) 225 and 250 AMP welders

-                  One (1) heat-treat furnace for small tools

-                  One (1) K.O. Lee tool and cutter grinder

-                  One (1) Optima drill sharpening machine with optical comparator

-                  One (1) circular saw blades sharpener

-                  Two (2) portable cranes, ton & 1 ton

-                  One (1) Craftsman pedestal grinder

-                  One (1) cutoff saw blade machine

-                  All required fixtures for sharpening special & standard tools

-               One (1) Bramac 4-axis CNC tool grinder

               -               One (1) Darex CNC XPS-16 drill sharpener



               Our Engineers utilize CAD workstations for modeling and designing machines, parts, tooling and gages from R & D to Prototype to Production of parts.  We can read all major electronic CAD data formats and we have Internet connectivity for worldwide data exchange capability.




-                  One (1) Bendi electric 6000 lbs. Forklift, with swivel forks to 90-degree capability for tight spaces

-                  One (1) Hyster electric 5000 lbs. Capacity forklift

-                  One (1) Raymond electric 4000 lbs. Capacity forklift (Stand up)

-                  One (1) Hyster electric Hand pallet jack

-                  Six (6) Hand pallet jacks

-                  One (1) automatic stretch wrapping machine

-                  One (1) Detrex vapor degreaser/washer

-                  Two (2) electronic parts counting scales l digital, l mechanical

-                  One (1) Magnus Mity-Life parts washing machine

-                  Two (2) parts washing tanks

-                  One (1) hydraulic lift

-                  One (1) Pallet Washer